Come walk back in history with Henry and many others of that time period.

Henry Bohanan’s Journey is a series of historical fictional novels describing my grandfather who fought in the American Revolution. This starts on Buffalow Creek in what is now Farmville, Virginia, when he and his cousin Keeton Fretwell left to trap beaver and other animals along the Holston and Clinch Rivers at the age of fifteen. They met many real people in that time period, including several long hunters, Daniel Boone, John Sevier, James Robertson, Isaac Thomas, Beloved Nancy Ward and later General George Washington, Patrick Henry, and General Nathanael Greene. They traveled in present day Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, and Virginia.

Prior to joining the militia in July 1778, both were sworn in as officers, along with a short, spunky Sally Forbes, to fight the loyalists, who were looting, stealing, and burning homes of our troops gone off to war. In 1778, Henry fought under General Nathanael Greene for defense south of the James River in the Light Dragoons, which were forward scouts, intelligence gatherers, guerilla warfare soldiers, or maybe spies for the Patriots.  He served for three years (June 1781) and later came into Tennessee (1788) and on into the Smoky Mountains of Sevier County.

Come, walk back in history as these two amazing young men helped shape this United States and the freedoms that we cherish today. Henry believed in God, Country, and family. He treated everyone he met with dignity and respect. They were adopted by both the Catawba and Cherokee Indians. I think now there will be fifteen books in this series, with several spinoffs.

Book 1 in the Henry Bohanan series can be ordered directly from Art Bohanan. Click on the image above to be redirected to the contact page. The remaining books in the series are available on Amazon and can also be purchased from Art should you like signed copies.

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Take a walk through Art Bohanan’s extensive forensic career with Prints of a Man, cowritten with Cindy Lindsey, (click on the cover to request a copy directly from Art Bohanan).

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